EVS vapaaehtoistyöhön Iso-Britanniaan


Iso-Britannian ICYE etsii EVS vapaaehtoisia vammaistyöhön kahteen vapaaehtoistyöpaikkaan. Vapaaehtoistyö alkaa elokuun 2015 loppupuolella ja kestää 11 kk. Haku 9.1.2015.  

EVS-vapaaehtoistyöhön etsitään 18–30-vuotiaita nuoria. Paikat on tarkoitettu ensisijaisesti sellaisille nuorille, joilla on vähäiset mahdollisuudet saada kansainvälistä kokemusta esimerkiksi työttömyyden takia. Lisätietoja paikoista löydät viestin lopusta. Yleisiä tietoja EVS-vapaaehtoistyöstä voit puolestaan lukea täältä.

Paikkoihin haetaan lähettämällä ansioluettelo ja motivaatiokirje Iso-Britannian ICYE-toimistoon osoitteeseen info@icye.co.uk 9.1.2015 mennessä.

Lisätietoja vapaehtoistyöpaikoista:

Both organisations are looking for volunteers who are motivated to share their interests, enthusiasm and time with other people, who would like to be involved in a project supporting young adults with disabilities and who are pro-active, outgoing and friendly. 

The Orpheus Centre is a music and performing arts centre working with young adults with disabilities and is based in a very rural location in Surrey countryside (Southern England). This project is looking for volunteers with a strong interest in music and/or the performing arts and who are keen to work with young adults with disabilities. They are looking for a volunteer with a reasonable level of English as many of the students at the centre have communication difficulties.  In the end of the message is some more information about the role and tasks for the EVS volunteer. See for more information www.orpheus.org.uk

Treloar Trust (2012-GB-59) is a school and college for students with disabilities, promoting independent living. Please note: this project is based in the town of Alton NOT in London. Information about the activities and role for EVS volunteers can be found on the database: http://europa.eu/youth/vp/organisation/12001225621_en   and for more information on Treloar Trust in general please see their website: http://www.treloar.org.uk/.  There are two roles for volunteers at Treloar Trust, one is to assist the school and college students in their studies and extra activities and the other is to assist in the therapies department and if candidates have a preference they should make it clear in their motivation letter which role they are interested in.  Since many of the students have severe communication difficulties and the college are looking for volunteers who have a good level of English. 

Please send to  info(at)icye.co.uk your CV and motivation letter by 9th January 2015.  We will then send the candidates applications to the Orpheus Centre and Treloar Trust where the staff will make the final selection of volunteers.  If you would like to apply for both organisations then that is no problem but you should provide a separate motivation letter for each. 

Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE-UK)
Latin American House
Kingsgate Place

Tel: 020 7681 0983 Fax:020 79161 246

Role and Tasks for EVS volunteers at the Orpheus Centre

The Orpheus Centre offers the students activities based around music and performing arts which act as a vehicle of self-development, enabling them to learn new creative and independent living skills and to learn about themselves. Volunteers play an important role in helping the students at the centre engage in the activities and achieve an independent lifestyle by providing creative, practical and motivational support.

The majority of the tasks for the volunteers are in relation to supporting students in their Learning and Performing Arts and Life Skills Programmes. Volunteers assist in the smooth running of different sessions and provide direct support to students and tutors in different sessions. Sessions can be in a wide variety of areas such as: Music, Music Technology, Singing, Song writing, Social Dance, Theatre, Multimedia, Wardrobe and Props, IT skills, Logistics and Budgeting, Performance and Presentation, Nutrition, Literacy, Numeracy, Cooking, Creative Writing, etc.

Support the volunteers provide could be helping an individual student with and aspect of the session they find particularly challenging, practical support to enable students to develop their own design, providing creative support in song writing or drama, or providing encouragement and motivation.

Volunteers can also provide assistance in education classes such as note-taking, reading and supporting group work. Volunteers may also accompany students on trips outside of the centre, this might be for practical activities such as going to the shops or for leisure activities.

All members of the community at the Orpheus Centre, including the volunteers, are involved in the performances that the students put on - in particular with the end of term performances which are often at an external venue. Volunteers can be involved in different aspects of the performances depending on their interests and this can include helping in the set up of the production (arranging the set, preparing the auditorium), assisting with the marketing and art work or acting as an enabler during the performance.

Volunteers are encouraged to share their own culture, interests and hobbies with the students and staff at the centre. This could be through sharing traditions, cooking food from their home country or through social interactions, etc. In addition there is also the opportunity for volunteers to start and run their own clubs for students, in an area in which they have a particular skill or interest. Previous volunteers have also developed specific sessions incorporating their own skills and knowledge in areas such as visual arts, creating masks, foreign languages, folk music sessions and physiology.

EVS volunteers are encouraged to be involved in the full range of activities on offer at the centre however they also have the opportunity to focus on areas of interest as well as spend time assisting in areas that are new to them. EVS volunteers at the Orpheus Centre in the same academic year will be involved in similar activities as each other but will each have their own role and support different activities from each other at any one time.

Practical Aspects:


The volunteers are accommodated at the centre. Although the accommodation is located at The Orpheus Centre it is separate from the students and the work environment and shared just with the other volunteers. Each volunteer has their own bedroom.

Location / Local Transport

The centre is in a very rural location and there is limited public transport from the centre. The centre is a 20-25 minute walk from the nearest village, Godstone. Volunteers need to be prepared to live in the countryside.

A link to Google maps with the location of The Orpheus Centre:



Volunteers are provided with a weekly allowance for food costs. Volunteers then buy and prepare their own food. They will have access to the kitchen and will be supported in accessing the shops/buying food where needed. The food allowance is in addition to the EVS volunteer allowance but volunteers receive these together as one weekly payment.

Holidays / Days Off

The volunteer will have two days off per week (normally Saturday and Sunday). Volunteers have holidays during the holiday times of the centre (at half terms, Christmas and Easter). The dates for the holidays will be provided at the beginning of the voluntary service.

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