Against hate speech with non-violent communication training course


Against Hate Speech with Non-Violent Communication Training Course 16-21 November 2015 in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

The training will combine the tools of NO HATE SPEECH campaign and Non-Violent Communication.
Target group:

  • Young activist involved locally or regionally in the No Hate Speech Movement.
  • Persons who have been confronted with hate speech with motivation to take action.
  • Age: 18 +

Cource's aim is to empower youth activists with the practical tools to combat hate speech.

  • Recognizing what hate speech is.
  • Learning practically to use empathy as a tool to respond to hate speech.
  • Overall understanding of how this relates to Fundamental Rights.
  • Motivating and empowering participants to take actions against hate speech.

Read more about the methodology of the course and instructions on how to apply:

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